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Shanghai Vostosun Industrial Co.,Ltd has taken a one-day outward bound11/06/09

         All the staff of Shanghai Vostosun Industrial Co.,Ltd has taken a one-day outward bound at the largest natural fresh lake Dian Shanhu on May 6,2011,with the professional outward company instruction.

        The most important event on that morning is Resident Evil.To reappear the particularcase of Resident Evil through scene stimulation.Then the members of each team cooperate with united strength and solve the crisis within the specific time.This activity has enhanced the crisis processing capacity and team-work skills of Vostosun people.

        In the afternoon,we have taken the course named fall down from the high aloft.Each person has to stand on the hathpace which is about 1.5 meter high from the ground,then fall down to the ground with the back face to the earth and other members will catch the person with the “arm net”.Everyone has successfully completed the course.Through this training,we have enhanced the trust and cohesiveness among Vostosun team.       

       Besides,we have many other subjects,such as balance boat, logogriph, crossing the lake with bamboo raft.We have learned a lot from these activities.

       The outward bound has lasted to 7 at night and we have achieved the desired purpose.This has made notable effect to boost the morale , fighting capacity, cohesiveness, executive ability and c ommunication skills of Vostosun team.               









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